Running Businesses 24/7: Challenges And Solutions

Many of the small businesses have moved on to become medium-sized enterprises or big companies by operating in the 24/7 mode. Companies that have a worldwide presence often have to deal with certain challenges in terms of costs and logistics. They would also be required to hire additional staff for managing calls and handling the online chats. An effective solution for this would be to allow a call center to handle all the incoming calls and messages from customers.

Advanced call centers have all the resources to handle the support calls. Having all the calls diverted to a call center can also reduce the additional IT contracting costs. For companies that need to have the physical presence of a staff member 24/7, security guards can act as one. However, these guards must be provided the essential training required to perform the work efficiently and applicant tracking software in Singapore can help. An untrained guard cannot handle an urgent call or technical equipment all of a sudden.

Deciding the number of hours that the organization wants its employees to work would be of great help in preparing shift schedules. A suitable shift pattern can be prepared by the company for its employees to ensure that it does not have drastic effects on their productivity. A good IT contracting firm must be hired to take care of the system issues that may arise at times. Such issues must not persist during the shifts as they would affect the productivity of workers in serious ways. A suitable rotation in shifts must be provided to the employees to make sure that their health is not affected. For further information about cloud based recruitment software you can directly click here.

Employees of the organization working 24/7 can go through physical and psychological drain by working nights. It usually takes two or three days for their body rhythms to adapt to such shifts. Moving them frequently between day and night shifts can affect such rhythms. Occasional change of shifts is the key towards helping them maintain good health. An interesting work can also be offered to such employees during night shifts to keep them productive. All such things must be kept in mind while hiring new employees and they must be encouraged to come up with their plans of coping with irregular working hours.

Managing shift workers is another major challenge for businesses operating in a 24/7 environment. Shift plans must be forwarded to the employees much in advance to help them plan and balance their personal and work lives. Certain issues may arise often, and they can be handled with the creation of an incident report database. Such databases help in tracking and managing any of the issues that arise during the working hours. When the problems are identified and solved, the employees must be briefed about the lessons learnt from such incidents.