There Is No Elevator To Success; You Must Take The Ladder

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do. We all have greatness within us, no matter where we come from. The human brain contains such power that it could surpass all other forces, if given the chance to. You can sell sweets on the streets, you can be a student, you can be the CEO of a multi-national company, you can be a doctor, lawyer or engineer – actually, you can be anyone and you can be successful in any role you choose to play if you have the guts for it.

Place your ladder on solid ground.

When you start from the rock bottom, you know that you have seen it all, been there, and done that so you do not allow anyone to bring you down. How? Because they simply can’t put a man who started from the bottom, down. You have to identify who you are and what you want in life. You have to set your foot firmly on the ground and place your ladder firmly there so that no wind may shake you. The hard task is finding a suitable ground to place your ladder in – and once you have got that figured out, all you have to do is climb. Ask and career mentor the first step to success, I bet they’d tell you to place your ladder in firm ground. 

One rung at a time.

We want everything at once but life is not in a hurry to rush with us so why waste time and energy? Deal with one rung at a time. One step. One exam. One promotion. Just, ONE. Have a slow pace, don’t worry about the others. If you have ever had career coaching Sydney in your life, you might know this. Or even if you have just had some experience in trying to multitask and rush, you too might know this, but this is for those who don’t know. This is for those who think that life has everything you want wrapped up in a nice box for you with a ribbon on it. Let me tell you, it doesn’t. You have to focus all your energy on one task at hand and give your whole self to it and watch it do the trick.

When you get to the top

Do look back and think. The rungs you’ve left is now occupied by someone else. They too are trying to get to the top of the ladder. Don’t be selfish at this point. Offer your hand, help them come up. That’s a quality of a true leader. Try to understand those who are beneath you now. Remember that you were in that position before. They look up to you, so be an example in words, thoughts and deeds. And now since you are finally at the top, don’t forget to give the world the best you can, as it gave you.